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Getting Started

  1. Find a place for TNR. It can take several weeks to get a TNR appointment, so do this as soon as possible. In San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas and Saratoga email for appointment slots at San Jose Animal Care Center. You will be approved for a certain number of TNR slots per week and you can bring in cats Sun - Thurs from 8-3 pm. They will keep the cats 24 hours while they recover, then they can be immediately released. For other areas, check out the TNR section. Kittens and pregnant, sick or injured cats are accepted at any time.
  2. Borrow a trap. Check out Trap Rentals or contact me for more suggestions. Trap train while waiting for your appointment, zip tie open the trap so it doesn't trap a cat, and start feeding the cat out of the trap. This will get the cats familiar with the trap.
  3. Learn to trap. Read over the Trapping page for tips, and follow the steps below:
  4. Trap the cats. Withold food 12-36 hours before trapping.

Not enough or feeling overwhelmed? Contact me at 408-384-8694 or

Request help

Submit a TNR Request

Use this form to submit a TNR request which goes out to local trappers and rescue organizations. Provide as much detail as possible, and get the contact information of the person feeding the cats before submitting the form.

Alley Cats Feral Friends Network

Visit Alley Cats Feral Friends Network and check off what you need help with, including: Trap-Neuter-Return Assistance, Trap Rentals, and Veterinary Assistance. You will receive an email with a list of phone numbers and email addresses for people, vets, and rescues in your area.

Cat Resource Center

Fill out the Assistance Request Form, which will email volunteers in the area who can help you figure out what to do. This is a good resource if you have kittens in your yard / neighborhood.

13th Street Cats

Here is a guide on TNR. They can be contacted for help with trapping at 408-566-3637 or


Shelter Cities How to get TNR appointments?
San Jose Animal Care Center
2750 Monterey Hwy
San Jose, CA 95111

San Jose
Los Gatos
Email for approval to bring in a certain number of cats per week without appointment, Sun - Thurs from 8-3 pm. They will hold the cats 24 hours after surgery for recovery.

Kittens and pregnant, sick or injured cats are accepted at any time. Friendly cats and kittens will go up for adoption or go to rescue.
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority
3370 Thomas Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95014

Monte Sereno
Santa Clara
Mountain View
Call 408-764-0344 prior to arriving at the center, and press 1 for dispatch. Drop-off allowed 8-5 pm seven days a week. Let them know prior to trapping if you have a large amount of cats to trap. They only do surgeries a few times per week, and will call in 1-2 weeks to release the cats.

Ferals, young kittens, and sick or injured cats are always accepted. Friendly cats are discouraged from being brought in, unless pregnant.
Humane Society Silicon Valley
901 Ames Ave
Milpitas, CA 95035

408-262-2133 x108
Sunnyvale Sick or injured cats, kittens under 8 weeks, or friendly cats go through intake. All other Sunnyvale cats will likely be sent through medical for same day TNR, or otherwise will be held overnight in the trap and get surgery the following day. Pick up is between 3-5 pm.

They ask for an email heads up. For intake kittens and strays, email For same day TNR on Sunnyvale adults, email They prefer TNR cats on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Santa Clara County Animal Services
12425 Monterey Road
San Martin, CA 95046

Morgan Hill
Unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County
TNR surgeries are limited to 10 per day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Drop off is 8-9am and pick up is the same day 2:30-4pm. Appointments are first come first serve.

Injured or very sick feral or stray cats and kittens may be taken to the shelter between noon and closing time (6 PM on weekdays, 5 PM on weekends).

Other options:

  • Nine Lives Foundation. Spay $50 and neuter $40, includes rabies and FVRCP. Microchip $10. Call 650-368-1365.
  • Peninsula Humane Society. Appointment only, can usually get next day. They have a street cat package for $50/cat (vaccines, FIV/FeLV tests, spay/neuter, microchip). Not limited to San Mateo county, but those in San Mateo can apply for vouchers here.
  • Try a low cost vet like Animal Medical Center, which offers services for feral cats. Males $55, females $75 (vaccines $25). Max 2 per day.
  • Submit a request on Alley Cats Feral Friends Network for Veterinary Assistance and contact the listed vets and rescue centers.

Renting traps

Submit this form and select “Trap Rentals” if you want to receive an email with a list of contacts in your area who have traps available. On this list are individuals, as well as organizations such as: